I’m a 53 year old woman, 5’7” and 160lbs. The intensity of your training and your current level of aerobic fitness influence your heart rate, but moreover, these five factors may also explain changes in your heart rate while running. Easy runs should feel about 60℅ of race pace. “From a health perspective, in the short term, I’m not too concerned that an athlete will work so hard that there are any dangers to an overly elevated heart rate,” says exercise physiologist and City Coach Multisport owner Jonathan Cane. So what Strava calls a tempo run varies on those inputs.Also, is the HRM in the right spot? Very rarely, the heart may maintain very high rates of 160 to 180 beats per minute. While the exact boundaries and definitions of the zones may differ between sources, the general idea is that exercising while your heart rate is in different zones will provide different benefits and physiological adaptations in your body. I hit 207 during a 2mi time trial two weeks ago. So i've recently started using a heart rate monitor (Apple Watch) with strava. My doctor isn't really thrilled about it, but since I don't have any problems, thank goodness, he just takes a watch and wait approach. Here’s fitness expert Pete McCall’s advice on how to choose the right exercise intensity and how to use heart rate to guide your fitness workouts. Genes play a role. heart rate chart| pace(hr) heart rate zones running | heart rate training running why is my heart rate high on easy runs| heart rate zones | Instant Heart Rate | Instabeat Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor | Heart Rate Social | HEART RATE MONITORS | Heart Rate Monitors | Heart Rate Monitors for Women running heart rate zones | running heart rate | running heart rate training | Why is my heart rate higher when running slower? I do classes at the gym 5-6 days a week. October 2015 in Beginners. Unfortunately my rest heart beat rate will not slow down. But sometimes, the problem isn’t just the pace, and it’s definitely not your legs – it’s your heart rate. You said you were breathing super easy and it was a jog to you. “But long, high-intensity work may increase that risk.”, “I’m a big believer in working hard on hard days, but also that the counterpoint of really easy days is important,” says Cane. My Timex Ironman Road Trainer Package. And if you can barely get out one or two words, you’ve probably found yourself in the anaerobic zone. I had mine slightly off and it was reading 150 while sedentary, adjusted it and back down to 80. But I am still deciding if I should go for the Maffetone rate, 145, and do most of my runs … I know that most of your [miles 00:00:46] should be easy say 65 to 75%, but my heart rate is usually about 180 and tempo run intervals can be 202. What Each Heart Rate Zone Means. I am wondering what your heart rate runs when you are in an episode. Your heart rate will definitely increase as your activity level rises, but there is a healthy range for your heart rate, and anything outside of that may be an indicator of a heart condition. While heart rate training is a great tool to ensure you’re training in the appropriate zones, the numbers don’t lie. “Far too often I’ve had a runner tell me he or she was racing along just fine and then boom, out of nowhere they needed to slow way down,” Cane says. That's high enough to be interesting. I told this to my advisor and he said that's too much, especially considering my family actually has a history of heart problems (my dad had a heart attack in his 30s, angina, etc). I’ve been doing very easy runs this week, about 2-4 miles at 7:30-8 min pace. Just because your heart is pumping and you’re feeling fatigued doesn’t mean you’re working out in the danger zone. “Consider the talking test. During cardio exercise such as running, your heart rate increases. That’s what race day is for. Then I sleep more and feel absolutely fine the next day. If you don't know how to take your heart rate, you can download Instant Heart Rate to measure your heart rate with your phone. Over time, the pace at which you can do this will improve – you can run faster at the same heart rate as you get in shape. That is what affects it as a tempo run. Other signs include: depressed mood, insomnia, headaches, increased aches/pains, decreased performance, injury/reinjury, decreased … In some cases, an athlete can recognize that their effort is too hard and can back off accordingly. Bodily changes can also cause a rise in heart rate. Easy runs should feel about 60℅ of race pace. Your long run or easy pace may be 90 seconds – three minutes slower than your ‘top end’ pace. In my experience there are a number of factors that can cause a rise in resting heart rate. If this high heart rate is not typical for you during easier runs, then I would look to other parts of your lifestyle. The impact of exercise on your heart rate can be a complex concept to understand. Aging tends to speed it up. “As you become more experienced, it’s also good to use internal cues to learn what system you’re using,” Lakritz says. It means you will be able to maintain your training without the minor injuries and illness that can come from over training. Why? A high heart rate can also mean the heart muscle is weakened by a virus or some other problem that forces it to beat more often to pump enough blood to the rest of the body. Blood lactate will be forming at a level that is difficult to manage. After a month of doing this low heart rate training, I am now able to keep at a very slow run (still painfully slow) without needing to walk if sticking to zone 2, 132MHR. “Oftentimes, by the time your brain has caught on, your body has been writing checks it can’t cash for quite a while already,” Cane says. On my very first run with my (then) new Surge a couple of years ago I did a fairly fast 10-miler on a very hilly route; my average heart rate was 161 for the full 78 minutes of the run with something like the last 25 minutes of the run ranging between 165 and 173 bpm. One thing that bothers me with running is my heart rate. “If you see your heart rate drifting past where it should be, you can – and should – adjust,” Cane says. Heart Rate Suddenly Jumps: Why and How to Help Under normal conditions, a healthy adult’s heart rate range from 60 to 100 beats per minute. In actuality, I have an observed max of 198. I have RVR and even with the medications I am on, do not meet this goal often. If you can do the entire run at 160 bpm and it feels easy still then don't worry about it. So I'm not really into all of the stats and what they mean. Easy training at … It was saying my heart rate was 186 and I was doing an easy recovery run. After the run, my heart rate is way up above 180, once almost 190. Sure, you may get competitive with your training buddies or internet friends on Strava, but ultimately, workouts aren’t made to be won or lost. Here’s how to lower your heart rate while running, and what to do when you find yourself in a scary situation on the run. Does anyone know what the 2019 guidelines are for this? Wrist based heart rate monitors sometimes report inaccurate heart rate.

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