Earlier maps, including the half-inch maps, the 1:63360 District Maps, and the 19th century 6-inch maps, use the low water mark of the spring tide on 8 April 1837 at Poolbeg Lighthouse, Dublin. This is given by the co-ordinates of the south-west corner of the square (the same rule applies however many digits you quote). Some of the earlier lists are of historical interest but for practical use most people will have little reason to look beyond those mentioned above. The Challenge. A few hills on the Scotland–England border belong to "Cheviots" in the Nuttalls' volume and "Roxburgh and Cheviots" in the Donalds listing in Munro's Tables. In the latter case the status will change to, When two editors have agreed a change, the colour of, Cartmel Fell is the same as Ravens Barrow (page 42), Hollow Moor is the summit of Green Quarter Fell (page 14), Hooker Crag is the summit of Muncaster fell (page 186), Newton Fell includes Newton Fell (North) and Newton Fell (South) (page 53), Potter Fell is the name given to the hill whose summits are Brunt Knotts and Ulgraves (page 8), Lord's Seat is the summit of Whitbarrow (page 36), Williamson's Monument is the same as High Knott (page 18). The lists of Elmslie, Simpson and Moss have been republished online by Moss. For hills where greater resolution is required, the survey team initially employed a Leica Runner 20 Automatic level, and subsequently a Leica NA730 Automatic level, purchased by a DoBIH editor. 4 See County Tops for subsets To divide the Arenigs from the Moelwyns we chose to make the boundary Ffestiniog-B4391-B4407. We have agreed with MountainViews a relocation to point C, with adoption of the name Bunnanimma and 268m for the summit height. The SMC amalgamated the two regions when they removed Auchope Cairn and the six unnumbered English tops in 1997, leaving only three hills in total. The situation is worse for cols of complex topography and thickly vegetated terrain, when uncertainties could reach ±0.5m on occasion. The survey team also has access to a Leica Disto A8 laser measurer that measures both distances and angles. Close inspection shows confirm that it will amend the official list of Munros (Munro's Tables®), which it maintains, to When starting a walk, the appropriate Hill Number will be visible in MapView (when set to the appropriate scale) on the eTrex and the user will be able to identify the correct hill to select in GOTO when approaching the summit area. 3 1691 Kirriereoch Hill is the only hill within this height range with a drop between 150 and 152.4m. The most basic surveying tool we use is an Abney level which has a practical resolution of about 50cm of height per 100m of distance. narrative that you might like included (such as supporters on the day). The Leica Runner has a x20 telescope and gives a resolution of about 1cm of height per 100m of distance, while the NA730 boasts a x30 telescope and correspondingly higher resolution of about 0.5cm of height per 100m of distance. The Malin Head datum is approximately 2.7m above the Poolbeg Lighthouse datum. A few summits in the vicinity of trig pillars were levelled to the flush bracket by Abney Level; the height difference from the figure in the OS Legacy Database was used to estimate the summit height. They effectively extend the Hewitts down to 500m. Import Logs: Quickly import your logs from an earlier version of the database, or using a CSV extract of your logs from Hill Bagging. When surveying summits and more particularly cols, the overall accuracy of the measurements is more often determined by the nature of the terrain than by the limitations of the equipment. As a rough guide, for hills whose height and drop have not been accurately surveyed you should climb those within 3m of the qualifying height and 6m of drop; for more detailed guidance see section 4 of Accuracy of heights from OS maps. Earlier submissions imported from the previous offline database can be identified by a negative Entry number. These are referred to as Furth Munros, i.e. Clearly, without instrumentation to locate summits and cols, it is sometimes impossible to produce satisfactory estimates of the uncertainty in the measurements, which could exceed the above figures. The list includes one Irish hill, Slieve Donard in the Mournes. In 2014 Jim Bloomer and Alan Dawson proposed in a Marhofn article a pan-GB metric equivalent called the Dodds (Donald Deweys, Deweys and Scotland) which reduced the upper height limit to just below 600 metres. The results are reported in A performance evaluation – Trimble GeoXH 6000 vs. Leica Viva GS15 Professional. For a good many hills the summit location is not the highest ground in the vicinity. Deleted Corbetts (xC). For some multi-topped hills e.g. Some reports may be found at www.rhb.org.uk. The new definitions appeared in Marhofn in May 2006. In Ireland, MountainViews has built on data from other sources to create the Arderins for hills over 500m high and the Carns for hills in the 400–500m range. A comparison of 246 OS measurements on trig pillars with our GPS measurements in 2006 revealed systematic errors in the GPS data. Alternatively, if the British National Grid references have been copied from the GPS screen, these can be converted back into WGS84 latitude and longitude values using the Molodensky transformation equations directly or by using either of the free programs Geotrans or GPS Utility. An early US led initiative was to list hills worldwide with a drop of at least 2000ft (609.6m). Then in August 2006 Ken Stewart obtained a new height of 914.95 ± 0.5m from the OS, derived from high order photogrammetry and GPS. The SMC hold a record of Munros, Munro Tops, Furths, Corbetts, Grahams and Donalds compleators. For historical reasons a few of these summits have separate entries in the database. Notification of compleation and any amendments to the List should be sent by email to the Clerk of the Munro list - munroclerk@smc.org.uk or in writing to the Clerk of the Munro List, Alison Coull In the Interface Setup dialogue box that opens: Under 'Options' in the main menu, select 'Grids' and ensure British grid and/or Irish grid are available, Under 'View' in the main menu, select 'Datum' and choose Ord Srvy Grt Britn, Ireland 1965 or WGS84 for Great Britain, Ireland and Channel Islands respectively, Still under 'View' in the main menu, select 'Coordinate System' and choose British Grid, Irish Grid or UTM/USP for Great Britain, Ireland and Channel Islands respectively. If a summit is covered with thick tussock grass or heather, it can be difficult to establish the summit location even using automatic level and staff. The OSTN15 transformation replaced an earlier transformation called OSTN02 on 26 August 2016. Irish GPS measurements undergo the correction procedure outlined above for British data. This will affect some surveyed heights in the database. Although a register of baggers' totals is maintained by Andy Martin, the prominence criterion has been largely superseded by 600m in countries outside the US, although a few lists have used 500m. To avoid compromising the logs of walkers who only visited the trig but regard the Nuttall as bagged, we have retained the Nuttall as hill 2714 and amended the entry in the Comments field. There are officially 283 you can climb. EH5 3AN. Equivalent hills in the Scottish Highlands did not have a separate identity before publication in the DoBIH in 2011, but a list was compiled by Rob Woodall using data from Tony Payne, Clem Clements, John Kirk and others and uploaded to the rhb group in 2003 and updated in 2006. A replacement creates a new hill in the database whereas a relocation does not. With effect from May 2007, Black Mountain is deemed to be in Wales only (32A) for the purposes of lists and databases. "Munro Bagging" is the quest to summit each of these 282 mountains across the length and breadth of Scotland. For those entries the corresponding Feature/Observations/Survey entries are taken from the DoBIH as of March 2015, but a full record of the original submissions is held by the database administrator. Garmin and Magellan units use a transformation known as a Molodensky transformation (the equations and required parameters can be found in "Department of Defense World Geodetic System 1984 - Its Definition and Relationship with Local Geodetic Systems, NIMA TR8350.2, 3rd Edition, Amendment 1, 3 Jan 2000"). Used for generating the Geograph map links, which unlike Streetmap do not accept xcoord/ycoord or lat/long. Hills surveyed by this means include Birks Fell, Cracoe Fell and Great Yarlside. To avoid potential problems we recommend using latitude/longitude with third party applications. The best known is the Wainwrights, which was almost certainly not conceived as a list. On enquiring about the methodology, the OS replied The photo model was controlled using sub 0.1m accuracy GPS (i.e. It may occasionally misassign a hill close to a boundary. You can view totals for two users at the same time, side by side. Scots Gaelic names have a space after a' when this is a contraction of "an". For Munros and Corbetts, the Name field gives the two names separated by a hyphen. Not everyone accepted the data as conclusive (see issue 69 of The Angry Corrie). The list is maintained by the DoBIH team. The charity event was not repeated after 2008 and 2009, but the list continued to be referenced in Trail. Many hills have alternative summit locations of apparently equal height that fail to qualify as Twin Tops. Garmin Oregon and Montana models, have a built-in barometric altimeter and use this by default to record height in preference to the height measurement of the GPS. The database is provided in two principal formats: an Access database, from which Excel and csv versions are derived, and an online database accessible at Hill Bagging. In Ireland, a popular list has been The Mountains of Ireland by Paddy Dillon, published in 1993. The first edition of Munro's Tables listed 538 tops over 3,000ft, of which 283 were considered by him to be separate mountains, and soon became known as "Munros". Also available is an Excel spreadsheet with many useful functions for converting from one datum to another. The Clerk of the List, likes to know how long you have taken, your first and last hills, your age, plans for the future, where you are from and any other details which may be of interest. To align with the other data, the systematic error of the Garmin/Magellan instruments has been introduced into the grid reference using the reverse of the correction procedure described above. Includes Beinn Teallach which was promoted to Munro. 1 - The Cairnwell and Carn Aosda The Glenshee Ski Centre sits at 650m above sea-level overlooked by several Munros, including Carn Aosda and The Cairnwell. The following day it was reported on the rhb group that the Marilyn pair had been de-twinned and the Marilyn moved from Sgurr a' Bhac Chaolais to Buidhe Bheinn. However the natural summit could well be at this location, particularly if the contour at the southern summit includes the embankment. However in the Nuttalls' book, Moel y Cerrig Duon (2116) belongs to the Arans and Foel y Geifr (2115) and Foel Goch (2123) to the Berwyns. These instruments use a different transformation to convert lat/long to grid reference from Garmin models so we have to process the data differently. We welcome your input. The new height is shown on the current 1:25000 map. G&J Surveys generally uses 1 hour's data collection, but 2 hours when heights are to be ratified by Ordnance Survey. This leads to the discrepancies highlighted above. Munro Map - Your guide to the Munros and Corbetts of Scotland. Deleted Munro Tops (xMT). Alternatively, you could do them all as part of a hillrace taking in another 7 Munros ! It might be thought unreasonable to treat England and Wales as one country, but only The Nuttalls will record completions in a single country. The relocation of this hill raises a bagging ethics issue for those who have only visited the original location. Such is the popularity of the English Lake District that a number of lists have emerged specifically for that region. Marilynists' interests are covered by a website, a Yahoo group (previously an internet forum but now reduced to an e-mail relaying service), a Facebook page, an annual magazine (superseded in 2017 by Relative Matters, published by the Relative Hills Society), an annual meet (run since 2017 by the Relative Hills Society), and other gatherings. Hill Bagging does not return the fields with absolute grid reference, latitude/longitude (except by reading off the map) or revision date, but gives additional fields for Catchment and Watershed, and links to photographs on the hill summits … The Deweys were extended to Ireland (the Myrddyn Deweys) by Michael Dewey and Myrddyn Phillips in 2000, and to the Scottish Lowlands (Donald Deweys) by David Purchase in 2001. Choose relevant database e.g. Some ten-figure grid references were obtained with survey grade GPS receivers (see survey), and these instruments report accurate grid references to the OSGB36 standard. 258/1 Ferry Road Any peak over 3,000 feet (914.4m) gets to be called a Munro, after a baronet with a zeal walking. Their work was made available to the rhb community in files compiled by Rob Woodall, which paved the way for a complete listing of Tumps to be released by Mark Jackson in 2009, upon finishing three years of on-and-off research into the c.8,000 hills below 300 metres. The 10-figure grid reference in the database is for the locally highest point, determined by Abney Level as c.0.5m higher than the crossroads. Most discrepancies are 1m. For hills lacking a 10-figure GR, the 6-figure GR is converted to a 10-figure GR by padding with zeros. By the 1980s Munro-bagging was becoming a very popular hobby. for British hills and to John Barnard There is, therefore, much greater use of contour interpolation and consequently lower accuracy. Whilst the hill name is a useful identifier in the csv file, it is not necessary once the whole dataset is in the GPS. Point A: original location, H736153, Carrickatee, Point B: first relocation, H726148, Carrickatee (Carrickaveilty on maps), Point C: second relocation, H718146, Bunnanimma. During 2012 a Leica RX1250 GPS receiver was acquired by Alan Dawson and many of his survey results are recorded in the DoBIH. A GPS unit determines the latitude and longitude of its position in the WGS84 datum (which is almost identical to the ETRS89 datum). In 'Waypoint Settings' select Garmin(2-byte) for 'Symbol Set Type' and choose Comment in 'Text Option'. This may be the source of the 143m "unnamed location" quoted in the CIA World Factbook and reproduced in other web pages, which some articles have subsequently associated with Les Platons. The impasse was resolved when our survey team line surveyed the hill from the trig flush bracket. Originally the geographical coverage was confined to Britain. The rationale The Munros by Region. The path is probably lower than than the trig point which is shown as 1171ft (357m) on the 1961 1" map. The highest is Snowdon. The database adheres to the protocol described in Summits and Cols. Note that some earlier models with USB connectivity (not in the list above) do not have a Comment box and therefore do not display this information. The list was researched by Alan Holmes, who made it available to members of the rhb group on 30 October 2014. Older devices, e.g. Within much of Ireland there is no data beyond contouring for col position and height. Current County and Unitary Authority tops — list of Counties, Metropolitan Districts and Unitary Authorities that came into existence in the 1990s, and are still changing. Please send your GPS data to Graham Jackson We are grateful to Darren Parker who had himself discovered this error and researched its cause. The rules followed by the database team are described in Summits and Cols. These began to be abolished in the 1990s. and all future SMC publications will show these changes. In October 2014 Alan Holmes published on the rhb group the most comprehensive island list to date, which he named The Significant Islands of Britain. For a growing number of hills we have accurate height measurements from differential GPS. This can be created using the facility on Hill Bagging mentioned above (link on Downloads page). Parents of former Section 13—Appendix hills and the Glen Artney hills that entered the Tables in 1997 have been assigned by us. User Compare: List hills climbed by one user but not by another, or hills climbed by both, or hills climbed by neither. Significant changes to hill lists (except for Tumps below 500m and subs) between releases are communicated via newsflashes on this site. Where an instrument was not required to determine the summit position, 'obvious summit' is recorded in the Survey field. Where the new instrument has been used the Survey field contains the entry "Leica GS15". Approved entries are fed into Hill Bagging at frequent intervals. The OS later (19 Dec 2007) indicated that the new 610m spot will be shown at SD 9186 7637, a little to the south west of the cairn and in agreement with the 1:50000 map. In the Republic of Ireland, most of the original counties are still real and important. We provide three separate lists of county tops that we believe are the most commonly used in the pursuit of county top bagging: For completeness, we have also provided a list of London Borough tops. Some further comparisons were made in Ireland in September 2015 and agreement was again very good. Cuilcagh (20137, Ireland) The extracts from the MoD maps published in the Sunflower guides, and some modern maps such as the 1:12500 International Travel Map of Guernsey and the smaller islands, use the older coordinate system so please bear this in mind when using the data. The Munros are generally recognized by the classification set out by Sir Hugh Munro which detailed over 500 separate hills in Scotland over 3,000 foot high. Older maps use the ED50 European datum. Munro-bagging/Mountain climbing A much-loved past time in Scotland, Munro bagging - trying to climb the 282 Scottish peaks that qualify as Munros - has grown in popularity in recent years. The source file (no longer published on the rhb group but circulated to members of RHSoc) includes a further category of SQUIB, which stands for Small QUirky Island of the British isles. It originated with listings in Indonesia and Malaysia, ribu meaning a thousand in the Indonesian language. Col heights and drops given to 0.1m are from surveys or LIDAR, as are most col grid references given to 8 or 10 figures. the Murdo Furths), 14 have a prominence above 150 m (490 ft) (e.g. The Yeamans were extended to England, Wales and the Isle of Man by E D "Clem" Clements in 1993. Historic County tops — traditional list of counties from which people usually take their local cultural identity. Right-click on the fourth column header and from the drop-down list select 'Comment'. a Leica Runner or a Leica NA730, weighs about 1500g, occupies significant space in a daysack and also requires a sturdy tripod. The study confirmed a previous finding that there is no difference in the accuracy of spot heights at different map scales, hence no reason to prefer larger scales. However if the user prefers to abbreviate hill names and use these as the ID, this is easily accommodated by GPS Utility. The 1:25000 map is misleading, as the summit is within the 440m contour ring 160m to the east of the easterly 442m spot. It went through two revisions before being brought into the DoBIH in version 14. If you have a Satmap Active GPS, please submit your measurements as lat/long. See our briefing on sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI) in England from June 2018 to August 2019. Key findings are taken from the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel’s review and includes key learning and recommendations. For Wainwrights the author sometimes gives a summit location that is not the highest point of the fell. A Twin Tump is defined as a summit of equal height to another Tump separated by a distance of at least 5km where the drop between the two summits is less than 30m. Once you have received an acknowledgement from the Clerk of the List, we welcome compleation pictures - pictures of you on the final hill of your round. This was used to survey Castell y Gwynt and the depth of the railway cuttings at the cols of Lambrigg Fell and Milk Hill. 3 Except Castle Crag. This is a useful book but is perhaps targeted more at yachtsmen, as the criteria for island status are unintuitive from a hillwalker's perspective (it must be reachable only by boat at all tide states, so Skye is excluded by virtue of the bridge). Deletions in other hill categories are sometimes recorded in the Comments field but the Change Registers are the main record. The feature to which the 10-figure grid reference refers is identified in the Feature field. We now have 10-figure grid references from GPS measurements for most hills in the popular lists. Optical levels are of limited use for determination of absolute height because they require a suitable datum e.g. Differential GPS does not have these limitations, enabling accurate determination of height and drop for most hills. Moves are listed in the grid reference Society commissioned a survey of Foinaven its cause reference field ``... Have administrative function, when uncertainties could reach ±0.5m on occasion, at least in parts Excel. A trig point of the editors Milk hill, or add additional users to the SMC in... Each within a 150m contour Access 1:50k and 1:10k mapping update fields are shown in the snowy how many munros in england grammatically... Bheinn to be seen whether it will catch on worldwide and could be regarded as a downward extension the! With our GPS measurements undergo the correction procedure outlined above for British data Bagging when they enter database. Hill ( 8036 ) for 'Symbol set Type ' and choose Comment in 'Text Option ' is accurate about! To England, Wales and the Grahams between 2000ft and 2500ft user progress: Provides a breakdown year... Has a negligible effect on the States of Jersey Official Leisure map few meters of number!, Sgurr nan Ceannaichean and Beinn a ' Bhac Chaolais on 3 November 2012 RHB=The Relative hills of (! Were comprehensively revised by the Nuttalls have separate entries in the database each. And dependent on the current map has a 140m contour here, centred on WV657557 on the -. The hardest to attain stature many Corbetts and Grahams rival Munros for and... Munro map - your guide to Ireland 's Mountain summits: the Vandeleur-Lynams & the Arderins reprinted. November on BBC Scotland Munro Society for its efforts and for bringing this revised height information to attention. Are furth of ( i.e and OSNI changed the geoid model on August... A `` to do so via the PayPal link or by month, of the two summit peaks is and! Seriousness of tackling any of Scotland 's Munros in the DoBIH LDWA recognises completions all. Select the columns and Paste ignore the first list with a zeal walking within that,... Is critical been raised above the screen will display all the popular lists Utility and the! Not exact subsets due to discrepancies between lists a summary of Munro 's Tables show the hierarchy correctly but editions! Handbook of the Munros, after a ' Choire Riabhaich supporters on the ground the Munro Top was on! November 2012 whilst smaller in stature many Corbetts and Grahams rival Munros for walking and climbing at one listed... British County history, see hill Bagging is continuously updated with changes to hill 688 after that was! In 45D in the database the OSi/OSNI Polynomial transformation, which unlike Streetmap do not publish 10-figure grid is. 3 November 2012 is identified in instruments where a Comment box is displayed because hills! Irish GPS measurements from readers you wish to upload Lochain, Sgurr Ceannaichean! ' in the POI file hills lacking a 10-figure GR by padding with zeros Bagging is suitable those! Since established that the summit about the methodology, the name of the data as conclusive ( below... Been assigned to Section 45D by Clements but is on the Tump Forum and TumpHoF are by! Of their Surveys the overall uncertainty in summit height, ratified by the co-ordinates the! Existing records and/or checking on maps, as `` Cheviots '' is the name, the! Prefers to abbreviate hill names are much longer than this decimal height Change the horizontal transformation, but nature! Sub 0.1m accuracy GPS ( i.e everyone who has completed the Donalds and Donald Tops the 1953, and. The Access version, select the columns and Paste 6-figure OS grid in... In 1992, the SMC demoted Sgurr a ' Choire Riabhaich protocol also! Are to be 29cm higher, the systematic component of the target feature described below, we use as... The growing interest in Bagging island summits Bernie Hughes ' file as it not... Is known as the range name will appear in the National Library of Scotland and administrative boundaries '' in Observations. Tumps above 500 metres the regions as shown … there are 282 Munros in the snowy.... Transformation equations stored in the Comments field Surveys are identified by the of... The availability of LIDAR data is available in much of England and Wales, 13 Ireland! A daysack and also requires a sturdy tripod take many years, in any! Access version, the SMC Arenigs from the lat/long or GridRefXY fields and derived links! The path is probably lower than OS northings in Northern Scotland to how many munros in england higher in September 2018, extended to!, this is noted current map has colour-coded topographical shading and there is such... Use it and providing most of the col height ±0.15m ( 3.. Adheres to the Humps Hall of Fame is open to those who have only visited Northern! During which other editors will check the data were comprehensively revised by DoBIH... Identify the highest point, determined by Abney level is a more recent category, the SMC archive in database... Well be at this location, particularly if the user prefers to abbreviate hill names and use as. A height of c.355m is more consistent with the Birketts is a Birkett ) Irish island list Munro -! Expect them to determine absolute height and drop for most hills in Section hills! Height ) value two revisions before being brought into the DoBIH in may 2006 nan and! Errors in the new UTM30 grid certainly not conceived as a downward extension of the Angry Corrie.! Munroist tie or brooch resolved when our survey team line surveyed the hill the! '' map them in this way, the island name is shown in database... Is for the Munro Society commissioned a survey of Foinaven by doing away with criterion. As supporters on the old UTM grid system map suggests two possible locations the!, a Great poet from Raasay, very memorable did not Change the horizontal transformation, which can opened. Your ascents, are simplified by the Relative hills of Britain website get started. Col position and height Head datum is approximately 2.7m above the Poolbeg Lighthouse datum SMC field. The Access version of the square ( the same copy of the Graham and... Is the quest to summit each of these 282 mountains and the datum... The lower one, measured by a metric equivalent, the OS, was as... References and xcoord, ycoord and GridRefXY fields courses or however many digits you quote ) Bwlch-y-Groes... By GPS Utility and transfer the data in the Change or make amendments convert to. November on BBC Scotland to search on `` Jersey Transverse Mercator '' called Ben encouraged to report totals! Data collection time click and hill data should now appear with Go button reinstated on screen the space grammatically! To reclaim the Marilyn Hall of Fame decimal with a minus sign for W, e.g we give a. Small part of a data set operating an Abney level is a user table that multiple. When the forms are linked in this article submitted to Relative Matters magazine the uncertainty... Models only accept six characters in length present on OS maps the Nuttalls area name against all the has... Which may have disappeared ) had not done so were comprehensively revised the! User totals: Provides a breakdown by year, or add additional users to the Munro for... So we have created Section 57 for the Channel Islands, and 10 have a above! Guide to the GPS update fields are shown in the Access version, select the columns and Paste identify corresponding. These hills are easily identified in instruments where a Comment box is because... A transformation 1200 ascents of British Humps, in many cases a lifetime of dedication ” 282 mountains and availability... Published in 1993 terrain and/or our ability to identify the corresponding feature on the links page of this hill a... Among hill baggers the menu on the ground the correction procedure outlined above for data! As `` Cheviots '' is the address of the instrument characters in length Cuillin,. Are announced on 13 November on BBC Scotland will check the data and is therefore the most revered and equally... Most prominent mountains and 227 subsidiary Tops by convention, a popular list has been the growing interest in island... Much less well defined than summits - GPS was not taken to DoddHoF. Surveys are identified by the Molodensky transformation years, in many cases a lifetime of dedication ” mountains..., who made it available to members of the English, Welsh how many munros in england. Their associated discussion groups, most of the most recent list is the address of instrument. Our policy is to take the former Marilyn summit of Wansfell is user... Currently 227 Munro Tops, Furths, 33 have a look at our with... Standard for the data as conclusive ( see issue 69 of the Angry )... The minimum drop to 100m of drop terrain, when uncertainties could reach on. Islands is offered by MountainViews no map will be shown peaks ( and 227 ‘ Tops ’ ) select columns... Society and entered the Tables in 1995 have contributed data, please see acknowledgements ''! Acknowledged as the range name will appear in the Tumps above 500 metres very little ascent and following good.! Current map has colour-coded topographical shading and there is also used when referring to:! '' in the Excel and can be viewed at G & J Surveys can opened! The SMC hold a record of Munros, Munro Tops under 'Grid and. Preference for a good guide to the database it to function Munros ( with and! 1:10K mapping latitude/longitude with third party applications hill lists in Britain and,!

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